Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz
New Museum curator
9.125 in. x 9.875 in.
Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz. 1999; 150 pages; paperback; 43 b/w, 56 color illustrations. Includes experpts frm Wjnarowicz's own writings and essays by Dan Cameron, Mysoon Rizk, C. Carr, and John Carlin that explore the extraordinary breadth and depth of his output and examine his considerable influence on artists and writers today. Contributions include: Passion in the Wilderness by Dan Cameron, Reinventing the Pre-invented Worldby Mysoon Rizk, Portrait in Twenty-three Rounds by C. Carr, Angel With Gun: David Wojnarowicz, 1954-1992 by John Carlin. Writings by David Wjnarowicz: Spiral, Man in Portland Movie Theater: Oregon, Young Woman in Coffee Shop on the Lower East Side: New York City and Boy in Trailer Park: Collinsville, Illinois, Do Not Doubt the Dangerousness of the 12-Inch-Tall Politician (exerpt), 1987 (or thereabouts). Exhibition catalogue.
Photography Credit
Henry Luce Foundation, Program in American Art
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